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The Canteen

The school's canteen provides nutritious healthy lunches and morning tea options at very reasonable prices, five days a week.  This facility is run by the Parents and Citizens' organisation, which employs two paid supervisors and relies on parent volunteers to serve our hungry students. 

How to order

The canteen uses an online ordering system, Qkr! by mastercard and it is the preferred method for lunch orders.  The app is available for your iPhone, Android or iPad from the App Store or Google Play Store. It is simple to use, saves on time and lunches can even be ordered, using our current canteen menu (pdf 344 KB) up to two weeks ahead.  In this QKR Details, you can find further details on how to use the application. 

Alternatively, your child can order their lunch by writing their name, class and what they would like to eat and what it costs, on the front of a brown paper bag, then put the money inside the bag and drop off at the canteen first thing in the morning.


We are always on the lookout for volunteers to help out at the canteen.  As they say, ‘Many hands make light work' and for only a couple of hours a month, this could mean that our students, parents and staff continue to have the option of having a freshly prepared meal at lunchtime. To volunteer, simply complete the canteen volunteer form here.